Thank you, all!

The 2016 festival is over and we would like to blow all of our thanks and kisses to all our audience, guest, artists and crew!

Remember to drop by our ongoing projects online:  The Talking Shop and Stamsundsamtalen, which are always open for business.



See you again in 2017!

NRK P2 Salongen, live broadcast from Stamsund Teaterfestival

Friday 27.05, the radio show Salongen will broadcast live from Hagbaren at Skjærbrygga, to the whole nation. They have two transmissions: between 17.00 and 18.00 and between 20.00 and 21.00. They will present true stories, told by people from Lofoten, and one guy from Vesterålen. The show will be presented in Norwegian.

Hagbaren is open for the audience. If you want to join, please Alle er velkommen som publikum, så møt opp på Hagbaren i forkant av sendingene!


We are proud to present a well-tempered, freshly brewed mix of art, reflection
and party. Welcome to a week in the name of performing arts!
Producing a festival full time, makes you a bit of a nerd. So I would like to
thank my home town, the fishing village of Stamsund and all its residents, for
still putting up with us and helping us with open arms, countless times. The
framework of Stamsund is precisely what separates us from other performing
arts festivals. With its geography, history, architecture and open-mindedness,
Stamsund functions as both commentary and corrective, and of course
inspiration, to everything we do.
Stamsund Teaterfestival is supposed to be a platform for new and exploratory
performing arts. Not to discredit the finished and applauded, but our job is
to be here for the risk taking artists, the ones who work on the edge of the
cliff, challenging both ideas and methods in the field. What are the dormant
possibilities in the performing arts?
We offer a social, professional platform for artists to be inspired, share ideas,
expand on and examine their own artistic practice. We take particular interest
in the interrelationship of art for different age groups, and specifically seek
out artists that challenges tradition in this regard.
The heart of the festival — the festival pub, is back at Skjærbrygga. We plan
for a friendly and joyful time at this year’s Klubb Stamfest, programmed by
festival veteran and DJ Runar Bruteig Olsen. Good vibes, guaranteed!
Many thanks to Figurteatret i Nordland and Galleri 2 who both contribute to
the program, and to our regional theatre Nordland Teater, who once again
supplies extra equipment.
Finally I want to thank our funders, our sponsors and our brilliant crew for
excellent cooperation in the realisation of the festival. I would also like to
thank the artists, the audience and the helpful community of Stamsund!
Have a great festival!
Thorbjørn Gabrielsen
Artistic director